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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Katie Pipers Pain Creates A Heroine

Some secrets are so painful, that only a great deal of love and courage, can ever allow them to be revealed.

Katie Piper is a heroine to burn victims, but she didn't get there without some undeserved pain and heartache. Katie Piper is a 26-year-old woman who was the victim of a vicious acid attack on 31st March 2008 which destroyed her face, her life and her career as she knew it.

She’d just started seeing a new boyfriend. Thirty-two year-old Danny Lynch had been following Katie’s modelling career un be known to her and asked her out for a date on Facebook.

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The acid destroyed all the skin on Katie’s face, neck and hands, and left her blind in one eye. It also burnt her nose and throat so severely that she needed to be fed through a tube in her stomach and now regularly has to have operations to dilate her oesophagus as the scar tissue reforms and restricts her ability to eat and drink.

“She became very special, because of the nature of the accident,” says consultant Mr Jawad. “She’s very young and very brave, and very determined and she’s doing very well. She made us all very proud and gave us a lot of hope for a lot of other people.“

Katie has gone out of her way to bring hope, as a result, Katie has decided to set up the Katie Piper Foundation to help other burns victims like herself. She aims to support existing burns rehabilitation centres across the UK and introduce similar aftercare treatment that she received as standard in this country. The Foundation also aims to encourage people to accept burns victims and people with disfigurements in our society. Any donations will go towards helping Katie fulfil these aims.
The Katie Piper Foundation Is A Registered Charity